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We liked your easy going, caring and patient approach to teaching our dogs, as well as the owners. You made it fun for both of us. -- Mary Jane Willard, Friendswood


Puppy Kindergarten is for dogs 12 to 26 weeks of age who have started their parvo shot series. Your puppy's first 6 months is his most formative period, making it the best time to begin training. Your vet will tell you that a trained puppy is unlikely to develop adult problems of fear biting, excessive barking or aggressiveness.


Beginners is for dogs 6 months and older who are just starting their training. Sometimes older dogs have developed unwanted behaviors. The good news is that dogs are never too old to learn how to behave properly.


Every class begins with a 10 minute socialization period for the dogs. (Socialization is essential to a dog's development.) Then, we'll teach your dog:

  • COME
  • SIT
  • DOWN
  • HEELING (walking beside you on a loose leash and sitting every time you stop)
  • LEADERSHIP EXS. (Leadership Exercises teach your dog where he belongs in your family pack.)

Your instructor will take time during every class to address any behavior problems you are having. No need for additional classes or extra fees for specific problems. We'll answer your questions about nipping, jumping, barking, housebreaking, crate training, chewing, digging, bolting out doors, bringing home a new baby or puppy, fearfulness, exercise, travel, counter surfing, separation anxiety and so on!

Both Puppy Kindergarten and Beginners meet for 1 hour per week for 7 weeks. The cost is $250.


AKC -- Canine Good CitizenThis class is for dogs of all ages who have completed Puppy Kindergarten or Beginners or their equivalent. The American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen program officially recognizes purebred and mixed breed dogs who are well-mannered members of the community. Our class:

Readies you & your dog for the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Test*

  • Teaches Off-Lead Heeling
  • Teaches Out-of-Sight Stays
  • Teaches Coming from Distractions

*The Canine Good Citizen test has ten parts covering basic obedience and your dog's acceptance of people, distractions and other dogs. This voluntary, noncompetitive test is given week 7 at no extra charge.

This class is a wonderful way to take your dog to the next level as a topnotch companion. Dogs who pass can receive an attractive certificate from the AKC recognizing them as Canine Good Citizens.

CGC/Honors meets for 1 hour per week for 7 weeks. The cost is $250.

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