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"Dorinda and I, and especially Pete, thank you for all your help with this latest class.  We enjoy the class, find the instruction clear and helpful and really like the result with Pete."

Weldon and Dorinda Corbett, Friendswood
Photo of Dog & Owner
Photo of Dog & Owner

"Thank you," Andy Hasselbring, for setting our little Ruby up for CGC success! Your patience, use of time in class, and individualized attention towards students and owners is exceptional! I was also really impressed with Andy's keen eye for confirmation and all the little things that judges look for in the show ring. Not only does Andy have super training tips for the big dogs, but he is great with the little dogs too! I will be recommending Andy to all of my Havanese friends.

Kelly Rogas, Houston


"Andy came highly recommended 14 years ago when we noticed that the majority of the well behaved dogs in Bay Forest had been trained through Sunnybank. We took our dogs to his class back then and this year, when we ended up caring for a 17 week old puppy—with a 2 hour notice—I was relieved to find out that Andy was still offering his training classes. Our older dogs still model the training they received through Puppy Kindergarten so when we enrolled Tiger in the current class I knew that this initial investment of time would last a lifetime. The training tools that Andy provided really helped us to remember what is important in developing a close relationship with your pet and that it is equally important to train the owners to implement rules and commands. Tiger is a Miniature Dachshund and our first "little" dog and I was amazed to see how well he listened by the end of the session.  I know that this training will have a forever impact on our lives. Thank you, Andy!"

Lisa & the Malik Family
Photo of Dog & Owner
Photo of Dog & Owner

"I enjoyed your class very much. The class provided an environment with consistent teaching and repetitive practice with other dogs. This is the best environment for a dog to learn in."

Gloria Brutscher, La Porte


I took the puppy and AKC CGC classes led by Andy. The classes were great and achieved results better than I had expected. The social interaction with the classes helps train the dogs and Andy has a way of resolving individual training issues—in a group setting.

Most important to me was the bond that was created between my dog and me. My dog Axis was a surprise gift—and I was not ready for a puppy. I was contemplating giving him up for adoption, as I had no time to deal with him. My Vet recommended Sunnybank, as I had a very energetic breed—Weimaraner. Not only did the training classes train my dog—my interaction with Axis created an inseparable best friend. Thanks Andy!

Chris Burrell, Houston

"I'm so glad I took Scrubs through the training at an early age. The training he took with you was so worth it. He is so smart and such a fast learner, I can teach him new tricks in a matter of minutes. And, he obeys when told to do something the first time."

Debbie Westmoreland, Houston


"I want to express how pleased I was with your Puppy Kindergarten class. I see MacKenzie's training paying off every day. You classes were well organized and thought out and the handouts helped reinforce what was taught. The calm atmosphere and professionalism you have during your sessions really were wonderful and I felt you were a wonderful instructor. Your love for the animals shows in your lessons, and your imaginative ways to help the dogs understand during their training was a plus. I have already recommended this to others who I know have been looking for help in working with their dogs to make them a wonderful and happy part of their families."

Heather Goetz, Seabrook
Photo of Dog & Owner
"Andrew was always good about taking the time to
help solve the problems of the individual pet owner."

Ridge Radney, Dickinson

  "Thanks for all the work you put into the class. It was fun and we enjoyed it and Molly is doing so well with her 'tricks'! She is going to be the smartest Shih tzu in Clear Lake thanks to you!"

Alice Rosenhagen, Nassua Bay

Photo of Dog & Owners

"Andy has been so helpful with our puppy Rylea. The Puppy Kindergarten class trained us on how to be good puppy parents and mold Rylea in to a loving and obedient member of our family using techniques that she loved. Puppy Kindergarten has made all the difference in our family and we (especially Rylea) look forward to more advanced classes with Andy!"

Brian & Amy Crisp, League City

"I attended dog training with my first Lab and returned 15 years later with my 2nd Lab because the training really works. By coming to class and doing the fun homework assignments, I rapidly saw improvements in my dog's behavior. My dog began to understand…and would listen for my single word instructions. He calmed down quite a bit and no longer jumps on people. Andrew watched me interact with my dog and pointed out improvements I could make in my training that really worked. I highly recommend this dog training program because it works and it increases the bond with your dog."

Sarah Van Riper, Friendswood

"Attending Andy's class was time well spent. Max and I both learned from it. The best part about the class was that as we progressed through the weeks of training I found that Max and I became better at communicating with each other. With Andy's training, I learned to carefully watch the signals I was sending Max that I might not be aware of and I believe Max is a happier dog today for having taken the class. People compliment Max on his good manners wherever I take him. I would recommend Andy's class to others."

Laurie Knight, Friendswood

  "Thanks for the great class. Maggie has learned so much and we are really happy with your training techniques."

Rosemary Lacy Reed, League City

Photo of Dog
Photo of Dog "Andy definitely has a way with animals and he knows his craft. I am a first time dog owner (Weimaraner) and didn't have a clue about what to do or how to start. I knew my dog needed obedience training, but most importantly, I knew I needed training. Andy taught us both the importance of timing and socialization and we had a ton of fun doing it. I enjoyed Andy's class so much I enrolled in his advance obedience class and Astro passed the Canine Good Citizen test on the first attempt -- all thanks to Andy's teaching techniques."

Chris DuPont, League City


"I'm definitely a fan of your classes after having gone through it three times with three different dogs over the years (Scooby, Shep and Sammy). Your recent class was a lot of fun for both me and Sammy, and we both learned a lot. The leadership exercises you taught were especially helpful in showing me how to take control over my very headstrong dog. The clear, firm and simple commands you taught have helped me communicate better with Sammy which has paid off in better behavior on his part. It is clear that you really love dogs and have a passion for helping people improve their relationship with their dogs. I...highly recommend (your class)."

Laurie Simkins, Houston
Photo of Dog & Owner
Photo of Dog & Owner "We had a great time in class. Honey was our first dog to go through obedience classes and we can tell the difference. We always thought mixed breeds didn't need the structure of this type of discipline but we have been so pleased. Thanks!"

Denise Christensen, Clear Lake


"My family has always owned dogs that we dote on but seldom train beyond come and sit. When I decided to get a new puppy and train with an experienced trainer, my vet provided information on several schools but personally endorsed Sunnybank due to Andy's positive techniques. Now that Reese is a registered Canine Good Citizen, she commands attention wherever we go and I always give Andy the credit and highly recommend him!"

Susan Burris, Horse Trainer, Friendswood
Photo of Dog & Owner
Photo of Dog

"Texa is our first dog. Thanks to Andy's classes she turned from a wild puppy to a well behaved dog. He showed us all the rules and tricks we needed to train her and it was still a lot of fun."

Alex Mahrenholtz, League City
  Sunnybank Dog Training was first recommended to us by our veterinarian 10 years ago. I had several dogs over the years and tried training them myself with mixed results. With Andy’s help I learned how to best communicate with my dog and the results were amazing. I can honestly say that for the past 10 years I have had the best behaved dog in my life. I even get compliments from total strangers on how well behaved he is! We now have a new puppy and I have just gone back to Andy’s classes for a “refresher” and I can already see the same results. I highly recommend Sunnybank Dog Training, it was money well spent!

Luis Orosco, Clear Lake

Photo of Dogs
Courtesy of Luis Orosco
Photo of Dogs
Courtesy of Dennis Don
"We have 3 dogs, Tiberius, Storm and our recent addition, Spanky. They are all Rhodesian Ridgebacks which are large dogs around 85 lbs and good family dogs. They have been wonderful additions to our family but made even more so because each of them attended Andy's obedience classes as puppies. They have their play time but they also know they have to be good dogs around the house and the family.  Andy gave us the tools to make this so. I would recommend any family with a new dog to attend one of Sunnybank Dog Training sessions."

Dennis and Elaine Don, Clear Lake

Difficult. That is how we used to describe our loveable, yet difficult, bull terrier Knuckles. However, after enrolling in Sunnybank Dog Training, we have seen a world of difference. Through Andy's guidance e, Knuckles went from a terror on four legs into a sweet, well-behaved addition to our family.

We embarked upon training with an expectation that a "trained Knuckles" would make us happier and while this indeed occurred, ultimately, and more importantly, Knuckles is a happier dog because of Andy's training. After successful romps through Puppy Kindergarten and Canine Good Citizen/Honors, Knuckles wears his CGC tag proudly and we know that we'll see Andy again with puppy number two.

Jason Turpen, Nichole Herring & Knuckles, Houston

Photo of Dog
Courtesy of Trex Photography, 281-955-1747
"Sunnybank Dog Training by Andy Hasselbring is the most professional and fun dog obedience class in the Clear Lake area. Andy's experience and love of dogs really gives him a connection to dogs and their owners. Sunnybank Dog Training thoroughly 'trains the trainer' and now our two Goldens have become obedient members of the Ideler family."

Rosemarie Ideler, Houston

"The first class alone was worth the money!"

Marie Baldwin, Friendswood

Photo of Dog

"You should have your own television show! I was amazed at the difference in Boulder -- he was completely changed -- a different dog! I wouldn't have believed the difference if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes! I really appreciate all you taught us in the class, and I know that it made me a better owner, which will make Boulder a better behaved dog as well."

Tamara Wimer, Friendswood

"Andrew's program is excellent."

Steve Nicklow, Clear Lake

Photo of Dog & Owners

"Our dog had been abandoned, then lived in a kennel for four months. When we adopted him, he had no idea how to be a family pet. He ran amok through our home. We were only able to survive by moving furniture and confining him to a single room -- hardly the kind of life we'd hoped for with our new pet. At the very first lesson, we learned how to establish our status as 'leader of the pack' and he began to calm down and allow us to handle him and not fight us. We have had our dog for three months and he is a totally different dog than we adopted. We have a loving pet!"

Rob, Pam & Katie Powell (and Porter), Houston
  "We thoroughly enjoyed your classes. It's refreshing to see someone so passionate about what he does. Gratefully"

Judy Svoboda, Dickinson

Photo of Dog "Andy gave us good insight in training our dog and also in conditioning the master."

Lossie & Jeanette Byers, Houston

  "I highly recommend Andy Hasselbring's dog training classes! Andy is very knowledgeable, attentive, and accessible for individual feedback and recommendations. Our class was very structured and balanced with social and instructional time each week, providing a foundation for the next class. There was a much-needed focus for me on learning how to "shape" desired behaviors in my "Marley" maltese. I didn't realize before the class that my dog was in charge of me! Classes are very affordable, comprehensive and a wise "investment" in having a positive, easy, and satisfying communication with your dog! I am extremely satisfied."

Donna Henn, Clear Lake Shores, Texas

Photo of Dog "We contacted Andy because we have an adopted rescue dog with no confidence. After working with Andy, her poise and confidence increased significantly. She is now happy and feels like she is part of our family!"

Janie Arvey, Friendswood

"Cinco and I certainly enjoyed your class. As a middle school counselor, I can definitely say that you are a master teacher of both the four-legged and the two-legged species! You were patient with all of us. Your style of teaching is very positive, full of praise and comfortable. Though we were learning as a group, you were adept at addressing the individual styles and needs of puppies and owners alike. I appreciated the hands-on lessons with the demonstrations and modeling that you did along with the informative handouts which not only covered the weekly lessons, but also contained (other) beneficial information."

"I absolutely would recommend your classes for all puppy and dog owners. I know the classes helped Cinco socially and behaviorally. He was an anxious and somewhat aggressive puppy. I feel he is a happier 'guy' because of the opportunity to socialize in a controlled and safe environment and that he is more confident because of the training. But the highest recommendation would come from Cinco himself as he immediately took to you and was excited to see and eager to please you every time!"

Francie Kinney, Houston

Photo of Dog & Owner
"We are so glad we enrolled in your class."

Paula & Larry Jaynes, La Porte

  "The training classes were very enjoyable and extremely helpful. Rocky, our boxer, not only learned to get along with other dogs, but we now receive compliments on his good behavior during our walks."

John & Shelly McElligott, Friendswood

Photo of Dog & Owner
  "I started the family puppy when he was 6 months old in the Kindergarten class. It makes a happier dog and owner when your dog can respond to your commands."

Nell Veazey, Clear Lake

Photo of Dog "My Lab, Chloe, and I truly enjoyed the Puppy Kindergarten and Canine Good Citizen classes. Because of Andy's training style and methods I came away much better equipped to handle a new puppy -- and Chloe was a completely different dog! She is much more obedient and responds so much better to me -- and to my family. I would strongly recommend both of these classes to anyone with a new dog in the family."

Debbie Rau, Seabrook


"You were very knowledgeable, patient, and worked well with all the dogs. It's very obvious you have a true love for dogs. The weekly handouts and question/answer times for the dog owners were very beneficial. I have recommended this class to many of my friends and will continue to do so because we definitely see a difference in Dice's behavior."

Rhonda, Bill & Dice Kirchman, Pasadena
Photo of Dog & Owners
"As a new and inexperienced dog-owner, Andy's class was perfect!"

Marie Trocmé, League City

Photo of Dog "I have taken classes with Andy with two different dogs of very different temperaments and love what we were able to accomplish in class. I have been to doggie school with two other dogs with a different trainer and where I found Andy to be far superior was his emphasis on
the dog's role and the human's role in the family. Yes, we did the basic commands... but what we did not get in my other classes included doggie-doggie socialization and dealing with doggie behaviors that could interfere with the dog/human household."

Joanie Anderson, League City

  "We enjoyed your class very much and Sadie and I both got a lot out of it. I will recommend you to my friends."

Sharon Soto, Seabrook

Photo of Dog & Owner
"What amazed us is that any puppy issue we came across, Andy had an easy
and simple resolution. All we had to do was put it to work."

John & Kilby Holt, Seabrook

"I use your steps everyday. Thanks!"

Beryl & Larry Hill, Clear Lake

Photo of Dog "We were ready to return our dog to the adoption agency because of behavior problems. Sunnybank Dog Training made all of the difference... our dog is now a Canine Good Citizen!"

Glenn & Elizabeth Blome, Nassau Bay

  "When friends get puppies I always mention your name; I value your gentle consistent and hands-on approach to training. Training Maddie has been such a positive experience, I can't imagine anyone having a dog and not training."

Linda Fouty, Houston

Photo of Dog

"We liked your easy going, caring and patient approach to teaching our dogs, as well as the owners. You made it fun for both of us."

Mary Jane Willard, Friendswood

  "Andy knows his stuff when it comes to dog training. Every problem with our puppy has been quickly resolved with one of Andy's tricks and there's been no need for punishment! Our German Shepherd, Jezebel, is only 6-months-old and she has already become an obedient and loving member of our family."

Ryan & Paula Johnson, League City

Photo of Dog
"I brought my dog Molly to Andrew to train her to be a service animal and he has done wonders! He has been able to transform a dog that was scared of her own shadow into a dog that is more confident. Molly is now able to pick up things that I drop, go and get things that I need, pull my wheelchair, and hold the chair for me when I transfer in and out of it. Andy has also increased my knowledge of dogs and how they think and learn, thereby strengthening my bond with Molly. Andy is dedicated, eternally patient, and a credit to his profession."

Lea Marek, Pasadena

Photo of Dog & Owner

"I have had the pleasure of training two of my German Shepherds pups under Andy's watchful eye. He has done a great job with the basic obedience with the pups and he did and even better job of training me to handle these pups. I highly recommend Andy to all of my friends because he has a real love for animals and a great desire to share his knowledge of handling pets with caring people."

Nancy Irle, Friendswood
  "I've continued with Andy because I like his method of teaching with praise and reward. My first ever obedience class was with someone else and it was like military school -- no smiles and hugs. Andy brings a lot of knowledge to his classes. He is an excellent and patient teacher."

Janet Hom, Friendswood

Photo of Dog "All of my dogs have received training from Andy, either private or group lessons. We have participated in Obedience Training, Puppy Kindergarten, and CGC/Honors classes between the three dogs over a span of eight years. All of the training and Andy's suggestions were excellent! Do yourself a favor by spending some quality time training together! It will strengthen the bond with your dog and make your dog a friend forever!"

Debbie Hughes, Clear Lake


"We took our 8 month old Lab, Jake, to his first classes, not expecting a lot in return, but
came out of the classes with a dog that understood the commands of heel and stay as
well as many others. Andrew's classes were well structured and worked through praise
and rewards. An enjoyable experience."

Cindy & Walt Treybig, Houston

  "Andy, it was a real pleasure to take Bear to your class for puppy training. He is a better dog for it! Because of your class, Bear is a member of the family and not just a pet. We feel confident taking him out in public and he's better behaved than dogs twice his age and older. Your class was easy to participate in and Bear really benefited from socializing with other dogs. I plan to take him to the advanced class next. Thank you so much!"

Brooklyn Butler-Swanger, League City

Photo of Dog
Photo of Dog & Owner "Moose is my first dog and I have taken him through two classes. The training and guidance Andy provided has ensured that I enjoy my dog and have a good relationship with him. I highly recommend this great opportunity to bond with your dog."

Elizabeth Ashburn, Houston

  "The Puppy Kindergarten class was very helpful and I appreciate your dedication to helping us learn how to train our dogs to be useful members of society."

Stephanie Morgan, League City

Photo of Dog & Owners "Andrew Hasselbring's courses have had a tremendous impact both on my dog and on my expectations of how well trained a dog can become. I took my dog, Ranger, to both the Puppy Course and the Canine Good Citizen Course. In the first course, I couldn't believe how many things a boisterous puppy could learn. Andrew has an incredible rapport with all dogs and he showed us how to bring out the best in our dogs. After the dramatic results I saw in my dog after the puppy class, I was eager to enroll him in the advanced course. Andrew patiently showed us how to get our dogs to behave on a whole new level. Ranger passed the Canine Good Citizen test on the first try. It is a demanding and highly respected test, but Andrew had us well prepared. I couldn't be happier with Andrew's courses. We always had fun and I still enjoy showing people how well Ranger can behave."

Rex Walheim, Houston

"Fergie is a high energy dog with an attitude. We successfully finished the puppy class and went on to the Canine Good Citizenship Class. I never dreamed this dog would pass & receive her certificate, but with Andy's patience and training ability, Fergie is now a Canine Good Citizen. I particularly liked Andy's training by reward method. I would highly recommend him to train your dog. If he can train Fergie, he can train any dog!"

Eileen Ponton, Clear Lake Shores
Photo of Dog & Owner
"People can't believe we have such a well-behaved terrier and that she is only a year old. From the very first day of training Andy made it clear that he was serious about what he does. He really cares about the dogs and cares that they become the best pet they can become."

David, Catherine & Gidget Murrow, League City


"I went to Andy for training for my yellow Lab mix and again three years later for training for my Bichon-Poo. His classes are fun; the dogs were always excited when I asked them if they wanted to go to school. I will return to Andy for advanced training for the Bichon later this summer and should I get another dog, I know who I will call for a class schedule."

Linda Williams, Friendswood
Photo of Dog
Photo of Dog

"We thoroughly enjoyed your class and looked forward to going each week. Charlie has changed so much for the better. Not only does he follow commands readily, but his relationship with us is a lot stronger. I think the atmosphere you create in class really fosters bonding between dog and owner. I also appreciated the one-on-one Q & A in class. That helped meet our individual concerns."

Maryann Lopez, Houston
  "With Andrew's gentle leadership our puppy has grown into a mannered, happy and much loved member of our family. Andrew's knowledgeable answers to our questions concerning dog behavior also helped us to become more confident owners. Sunnybank training was definitely a positive step in making a great pet."

Andrea Haschke, Houston

Photo of Dog
Courtesy of Rita Schrock

"Andy is a very knowledgeable and experienced dog trainer. We learned a lot about how to relate to our puppy Zahra, and approach her on the doggie level. I know that we are better equipped in being able to correct puppy issues as they crop up."

Rita Schrock, Clear Lake


"Thank you for a great class! In both classes (Puppy Kindergarden and Canine Good Citizen/Honors) the information you present is clear and easy to understand and the handouts are also a big help. You always answered our questions and made suggestions to help us with any problems we were having with River. We are still doing all the exercises and River seems to improve everyday! When I walk him at South Shore marina and take him to public places, people comment on how well mannered he is. I alway tell them about you and what a great job you did training us."

Ray & Sherry Jones, Dickenson

Photo of Dog
Courtesy of Ray & Sherry Jones
Photo of Dog & Owners
Courtesy of Bill West

"Thanks again for helping make sure we started off the right way with Gracie, our yellow lab puppy. By using the techniques you taught us, Gracie has become a very happy and well adjusted member of our family. She's becoming a very large dog, but is very well behaved thanks in large part to our participation in your class. She's a lot of fun for everyone in the family!"

Bill West, Houston


"Thanks again for your wonderful class. It was the perfect atmosphere for Preston and Nigel to relax and learn."

Stacy L. Sell, Ph.D., Galveston

Courtesy of Stacy L. Sell

Our entire family enjoyed Puppy Kindergarten. The hands on demonstrations, training exercises, and immediate feedback have given us great results. We are pleased with our happy, well mannered, addition to the family. Kudos to Andy for helping us and Hope understand each other better.

Michael, Rhonda, Ian, Garrison, Kelly & Hope Neel, Friendswood


Courtesy of Randie DeArment

Andy, I really loved attending the course with Surge. You are amazing with not only your furry students but their human counterparts. I have owned dogs all my life and never attended obedience school with any of them. I will never have another puppy without going through your class. And of course I am highly recommending you to every new puppy owner I meet. Surge was an Ike rescue--he literally rode the waves in! I started class with a little wild man and graduated with a gentleman. Thanks so much for everything!

Randie DeArment, veterinarian technician, Houston


Dot is a 3-year old shelter rescue dog, and has issues, like being fearful of men, not knowing any obedience commands. Thanks to Andy's class, she has learned ALL the commands and made a lot of progress in other areas as well, making her a much more confident and enjoyable dog. I've had dogs all my life but had no clue how to train one, I think I've probably learned more than Dot! I took her to a big fundraiser, WoofStock for the shelter where I got her. There were MANY vendor booths, lots of dogs, people, a band, treats everywhere, MEN--sooooo many distractions. I wasn't sure how well she would do and.....I found I had no reason to worry, she was great, sat immediately when I would stop walking even in that environment. A tribute to YOUR class!! Everyone from the shelter who knew her there could hardly believe she was the same dog! SO NICE to have a trained dog,.....and NO more biting.

Thanks for everything, Andy

Sandra Nichols & Dot

Courtesy of Sandra Nichols
Photo of DogCourtesy of Delores Kizer

"We chose our Lab, Samson, from the litter because he was the most frisky and independent of the bunch. His happy, playful spirit, coupled with a bent for mischievousness, could be a handful even as a small puppy. It didn't take long to realize that the very nature we enjoyed could be overwhelming once he became an adult dog. We wanted a trainer who could instill obedience without breaking the spirit that first drew us to the puppy. We found that combination in Andy Hasselbring at Sunnybank Dog Training. His approach of patience, praise, and reward has given us a well-trained dog without breaking the spirit we so admired. Samson not only completed his puppy training through Sunnybank, but also received his Good Citizen Certificate through Sunnybank. I highly recommend Andy as a trainer who can offer solutions to even the most demanding dogs."

Delores Kizer, Clear Lake

  "Thank you for teaching me and Jethro to find his potential! Jethro was deemed unadoptable because he was too energetic for a large dog. The rescue organization who pulled him off death row warned me he was a handful. Your lessons and practice made all the difference in the world. Now he is a model citizen! I loved hearing the praise from the other students when he did things with ease. I just told them we practice every day. Jethro is now a calm trustworthy member of the community!"

Deb Owen, Clear Lake

"I want to sincerely thank you for all the energy you put into our classes. They were just what Lily and I needed; through these classes I realized how much more lax we were with her than we were with Winston, which obviously did not do her any favors. We are not to perfect yet, but she is becoming so much more of the great dog I know she is. The house accidents have stopped, and because of that my husband isn't mad at her all the time, which has helped a ton. Lily obviously loves you as well... So, thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!!"

Kelly Moran, Houston


"After we got our chocolate Lab, we asked our vet if he could recommend a dog trainer. He told us he passes along good information he hears from pet owners in his practice, and said that Sunnybank Dog Training always gets a glowing report. We were relieved to finally get signed up for classes, because as much as we loved our new pup, he was quite a little terror much of the time. Andy understands dog behavior so well and is so calm in his approach that the techniques he uses are very effective in teaching dogs to be obedient and helping them become well adjusted. We learned much more than "sit" and "stay" in Andy's class; we learned commands that we wouldn't have thought to teach our dog, and have been amazed at how quickly Beau learned and how often these commands have been useful. Andy came highly recommended to us, and I highly recommend his classes."

Jean Cozma, League City
Photo of DogCourtesy of Jean Cozma
Photo of DogCourtesy of Cindy Weisinger "We were fortunate to enroll in two of Andy's beginner classes, 13 years apart! Two very different dogs, but Andy has a knack for getting the best out of every dog/owner, understanding and working with individual strengths and weaknesses. Most recently, Andy helped me help Buzz find the confidence he needed to make a very long and stressful move to Shanghai, China. Thank you Andy, for all you've done over the years to make me a better dog mom. Take. This. Class!!"

Cindy Weisinger, Shanghai, China


"Thanks so much for the dog classes. I appreciate your patience and we both learned a great deal. I would definitely recommend your classes to anyone."

Kay Campbell, Pearland
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